Why I blog

Writing is something I enjoy doing; in fact when I was a child, I always dreamed about being a famous writer someday.  I would write short stories for school contests and even make up stories to tell my cousins during long car rides.  These stories often included how amazing wolves are.  As the years went by, it was no longer about becoming famous but more about writing something that was important, something of significance. 

Why I blog?  To live boldly for Jesus. 


For years I sat in church (front row-center, the place I was least distracted) and listened to my pastor say, “live boldly for Jesus”,  He probably said it over a thousand times and yet, I still sat on the side lines.

To me, living boldly meant going across the world and being a missionary in an unknown village.  But as I continued to hear his persistence in this, I thought about my purpose.  If this is one way I can live boldly for Jesus, I am honored to do so.  It gives me great joy to share my journey because God has been so faithful.  

The stories that I share on my blog are meant to glorify God.  These stories are full of depth and truth.  Writing my story means having the willingness to be vulnerable to my readers, my friends, family, and strangers.  It means being judged.  My hope is that my readers will be inspired and encouraged in their walk through the experiences that I share with you.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” 

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