What she does that you don’t see

Most people’s view of a nurse is someone who wakes you up during the night to listen to your heart and lungs, the person you complain about for not bringing […]

He Chose Life

I was sitting at Studio Movie Grill, eating my chocolate ice cream. My eyes glued to the screen, I was watching Wonder Woman with some friends. Suddenly I saw my […]

A Nurse’s Journey

  Two weeks ago was Nurse’s week and what a great time of year to reflect on how I ended up on this journey. It was an ordinary day for […]

Did Jesus really have to die?

An innocent man was placed on trial today, an unfair trial. He didn’t commit any crimes. And yet, before authorities, he remained silent. If you’re anything like me, we’re nothing […]

My Best Friend’s Wedding

This past weekend was full. Full of partying and after parties. Full of eating Pakistani and Egyptian food. Filled with dancing and laughing. I was surrounded with new faces, people […]

She Turns 31

Today I turn 31, which basically means I’m headed downhill. When I was 12, my cousins and I would play MASH. At 12 I thought by 30 I’d have my […]

Where’s that Promise Land?

We are always waiting. Waiting for the next chapter in our lives. The perfect job, marriage, kids, a day off work, vacation, and that list can go on. The season […]

The Stone Walls

We build walls. They are all around us. We have walls to separate rooms in our homes. We also have fences. Every where I look, I see walls. Some are […]