She Turns 31

Today I turn 31, which basically means I’m headed downhill. When I was 12, my cousins and I would play MASH. At 12 I thought by 30 I’d have my […]

Where’s that Promise Land?

We are always waiting. Waiting for the next chapter in our lives. The perfect job, marriage, kids, a day off work, vacation, and that list can go on. The season […]

The Stone Walls

We build walls. They are all around us. We have walls to separate rooms in our homes. We also have fences. Every where I look, I see walls. Some are […]


This past Wednesday I met with the worship leader of Trivillage Church to audition to be a vocalist. This opportunity came as a bit of surprise, so much so, I […]

New Aventures

As 2017 has just started and here I am already looking at what this year may look like, unexpected dreams come to mind.  Tucked away somewhere in my heart are […]

Happy Together

It was a warm afternoon and I was 4 years old at that time and this would be my very first memory.

Christmas Miracles

Christmas Eve I was wondering how I was the lucky one to pull the short straw and work two Christmas’ in a row. But without further thought, I decided I […]

But Jesus makes my heart beautiful

Insecurities. Yes, today we are going to talk about insecurities of our past and present, because there’s no room for them in the future. You might be thinking, what could […]

The Mountains Tremble

The mountains tremble, Even the hilltops quiver But I stand firm For beneath me is solid ground. The sun sets And stars fill the night sky, Darkness has covered the […]

Pinterest Project

Last December, my Pinterest obsessed sister found a neat little project she wanted the both of us to do in 2016. It seemed simple enough. We were to put small […]

A family I always had

The very first Thanksgiving took place in 1621, where a group of Native Americans sat at a table with Pilgrims and shared a meal. Last Wednesday, I joined with a […]


I’m looking, but I’m not seeing. I’m stuck here. The clouds form, move apart, and somehow come together. The night sky is clear as I wait for sunrise. And it […]

Meeting a Missionary

I spent today morning with a missionary. As I sat there and sipped my coffee, I was surprised at how real she was. She was roughly around me age and […]

When God says “Wait”

I would call myself a patient person, but as I find myself in a season full of waiting, I see my patience drawing thin. Waiting is hard. Let’s be real. […]