Blissfully Broken

Today, I am reminded they no longer control me. Maybe I am broken, but I am blissfully broken. The mind is a powerful thing. Will. I had it. I wanted […]

Making most of our mountains

Why were the mountains created? For what purpose? As I am flying over them today, I don’t see the obvious. I looked back at them anyway, maybe I missed something. […]

New branches, new beginnings

Sometimes it’s hard to see how God is moving in our lives. And let this orchid be a mere representation of how our lives may look. Just a couple months […]

Still, I do not feel afraid

I walked through the darkest alleys in strange cities, the loneliest roads on the other side of this world, felt the shadows of evil, and seen the terror the night […]

God, if you were here today

It is you Lord, that I wish I were getting coffee with today. I wish to hear you speak, tell me things I know nothing about. I need to hear […]

Rose colored lips

And I have come to learn that it is the only thing they want from us. For nothing is more desirable than silky skin and rose colored lips. Do men […]

Depths, and all things Honduran

It is as though like clockwork that my deepest thoughts seem to invade my mind at 3am. As I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling above me, wishing it […]

When our two worlds collide

I can’t wait to meet you someday, but I’ll wait for that day when our two worlds collide. Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day cowboy, may your day be filled with […]

Starting a new chapter in my life

Today I close the door to my past, leaving all the things of which belong behind me. I open the door to my future and all the beauty that lies […]