I am not a city girl

I’m not a city girl. A city is where a nurse abducted me the day I was born. Ironically, I spent the last 14 years as a critical care nurse. The city is also where I was molested at the age of 4 and where I had a gun pointed to my face at the age of 6. I quickly learned at that age, I am not a city girl and the city was not for me. So I ran from it. Ironically, the city is where I am positioned today, at a job I didn’t apply for, with a salary higher than I asked for, and a manager who tells me that in my first 2 months I have exceeded her expectations of those who have been in my profession for at least over a year.

I have to ask, God you brought me back here, so what do you want me to do in the city, the city that stole my childhood, my innocence. God doesn’t make mistakes. He redeems the mistakes of evil. I remember 4 year old me, lying on the cold bus floor. “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done”. It built a girl who fears nothing, who has escaped 100 deaths because she lives for adventure, and yet loves fiercely. And it because grace was the fire of her soul then and even now.

Every morning I get to watch the sunrise behind the skyline. I am not a city girl, but the city is where I am positioned today and that sunrise is pretty spectacular. Why am back in the place I ran from. So I have to ask, what would You have me accomplish here?

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