Do what you said you would do

The last 2 weeks I’ve been convicted over these words, “do what you said you were going to do”. What did I say I was going to do? Some days I talk a lot and others, not much at all.

One thing I was putting off was getting my eyebrows threaded but, finally I had time to go this morning. I stopped by the ATM to get some cash. I felt prompted to go to the ATM all the way on left when it is my routine to always, always pick the middle one (as a middle child-there’s lots of logic here-if you know, you know). As I pull in, I automatically knew something was different. Side note: after 14 years as a critical care nurse, there is nothing that gets past me. I can, and will notice the slightest details. I pull down my window and my eyes go straight to the card sitting in the card reader.

I really don’t know how I constantly find myself in random situations. I pull out the card, obviously someone forgot to grab their card after their transaction. Yikes. Then a stack of $100s start coming out and a receipt.

I finally understand why it is so crucial to do what we say we are going to do. My small mundane task was just about me keeping up with my appearance, my face. But to someone out there, it was about redeeming hours of hard work that could have just gone into a sour situation. The rest of my morning involved ensuring this person got back what belonged to them. And of course, getting these eye brows threaded.

What did you say you were going to do? What did I say, I was going to do? There is a purpose even for your routine, your errands. We want our lives to have purpose and meaning, but we can only achieve that if we are living intentionally. It starts by doing what we said we were going to do because God will make sure to position in just the right spot.

One response to “Do what you said you would do”

  1. I like to see this as keeping promises I made to myself. And it’s not because of any extra reason, other than to clear my mind from the clutter. Because when left unfinished, the tasks can really nag at you, and they end up taking away from current moment.

    So I make it a point to address whatever it is that’s at the back of my mind before they begin to nag. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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