Courage is not the absence of fear

Courage is not the absence of fear

I’m not afraid. Or am I?

I do not fear any man or woman, or person of authority, society or my peers. Or do I? As we see trying times and a shift in our cultures, two things are very certain.

The first, freedom of speech only exists in the world if you support what society preaches. This means, you can rarely have an open conversation with someone if you have conflicting views. You can’t say whatever you want, in fear that it might offend someone. As a writer, words become our art because we are so convicted to speak the truth and yet, we are afraid. Why is that? Control.

Which is point number two. We are controlled in almost every aspect of our lives. Why is it so hard for us to live, to find joy on this journey? We can’t seem to fit in and fitting in means being what society wants us to be. We lose true authenticity of who we are because this culture shift wants to stir in us confusion. Make no mistake, the world has waged war against your soul. We have to make a conscious decision every day to choose our soul or to choose the world. Choosing the world means we die a little bit each time and to choose our soul means we will never fit in.

You either choose to be their puppet or you choose to be courageous, knowing that speaking the absolute truth will inevitably mean suffering.

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