Letter to Cessna

Letter to Cessna

I didn’t realize that to love someone was different than being in love with someone. Did you? And what were we?

Those moments I wasn’t around, all those moments I kept quiet, was not because I was distant. I was praying for your desires, I was praying for your joy and that it would be complete. You said not being together would be painful. It was a good pain, because I prayed all those things for you knowing I may never be a part of it.

Yet, you tried to keep me around knowing what you knew. What was it all for? You taught me this much. I was never in love with you, but I loved you. I haven’t lost a thing, you see, you did. “You can’t break a bird’s wing and ask it to fly”. You can’t keep a bird caged forever. We were born to be wild and free.

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