The waves are what give the ocean character

The waves are what give the ocean character

Right now I could use the tranquility of the ocean. From sunrise to sunset, the ocean speaks volumes to my soul. I belong there. It’s very rare that you find a beach with the perfect view of the sunrise and sunset. (I haven’t been to very many beaches, except for all those on the eastern coast of America and Barcelona). Just because you don’t see both the sunrise and sunset from the same beach, doesn’t mean one is more beautiful than the other. Both are beautiful in their ways. Sometimes it takes standing in a different spot to appreciate the latter.

I don’t know what it is about the ocean, but there’s a peace it transcends and it starts from sunrise. As I walk along the ocean’s shore the waves start strong. And the day has just began. I don’t know if you have ever tried swimming with the waves. This may sound strange but this is one of my all time favorite things to do. You swim out into the ocean and you have to be so precise in catching the right wave and getting on top of it. It’s an adrenal rush. You swim with it and it throws you back to shore. And if you’re going to try it now, it’s one activity you should not wear a bikini doing. South Carolina with my best friend in 2013, we were riding some wild waves and I lost my bikini in the ocean. This is why God created best friends, because after she got through laughing at me … I really don’t remember what happened after that, that day is a blur. 😜

That’s the thing, every wave is so different and that to at different times of day. I’ve been riding waves since I was 9 years old and it’s never the same, each one amazing in its’ own way. I have found we all have different views, and we are looking at these views based on so many different aspects of our lives and life experiences. But I think we all stand together on the fundamentals of justice and peace.

Do you know how many oceans are on our earth? I know you’re trying to name them… Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic. There is only one global ocean. All the waters of the earth interconnect. Brothers and sisters, each of you is a wave in the ocean of this world. Some of you are crashing shore with the radiant sunrise of the Atlantic while others are arriving with the sunset on the Pacific. Each unique in its own way. I’ve never swam with the same wave twice. We may all have our own hashtags from whatever shore we land on but there is one thing similar within all of us. Though we may approach it differently I believe we can do our part to fight for justice and peace, being united in working towards similar goals. Let us continue to fight for the injustices that God placed in our hearts. I truly believe he directed all our paths just a little different so that we may be a voice for what is passionate to us. The waves are what give the ocean character and though we fight for different causes or approach the shore differently, let us remember each wave is significant and amazing. The world is our ocean.

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