Before you pass judgment

So I finally had a few days off where I could breathe, and catch up on sleep. Honestly I didn’t think about anything, I just needed few days of “non-deep thinking”. (Which is a pretty big deal for me) So first order of business, I went and got a pedicure.

Now before you pass judgement on me… The hot topic of discussion between healthcare professionals since March 15th has been feet. No lie here. Now that salons are open, if I fall unconscious somewhere, I want to make sure my feet are presentable. Oddly, that has become my number one priority. My ICU people know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, type whatever might scare you about feet into a google search.

While a lot people might pass judgement on me because pedicures are not “essential” and everyone is understandably afraid of this virus, pedicures stand for a much bigger topic than clean looking feet. One of the most important things that has been robbed of us this year is self care. For me it was good to get my feet massaged because they have been hurting so badly lately. Aching pain in my heels. I got them painted blue so that every time I look down, I’ll be reminded of the calmness the ocean and beaches, since I probably won’t be anywhere near water this summer. I got to talk with someone, maybe she was a complete stranger, but we got to share our story and exchange hope. Self care is going to look different for everyone. So next time we might want to pass judgement on someone because they their actions may seem “selfish”, this may be a really big part of therapy or healing for them.

Self care is something you deliberately do in order to care for your physical-mental-emotional well-being. What are you doing to care for yourself? We all have stressful jobs, stressful life situations, and there is always so much demanded of us. Take the time to do a little something for yourself. Some people enjoy wine, some people run, some people watch the sunset and dream of their love, and some people hunt and need to cook for others. We are not built the same, so what a beautiful celebration of creation. I know these are hard times, these are hard times for everyone-everywhere. Take the time to destress and rejuvenate. Give yourself permission to pause and know you are worth it too.


Shar ❤️

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