A note from your broken critical care nurse

A note from your broken critical care nurse

The protests in Michigan were to the most part peaceful. They want haircuts and manicures. That’s not wrong to want those things. I believe we have the right to bear arms, however I disagree with the protesters showing up armed to a government building. But there was minimal violence, no one died, no one was shot or killed, nothing was looted or stolen, there were no fires. Is protesting about the economy opening up or wearing masks significant-to some it certainly is. Are they good people? I don’t know.
George Floyd showed up to a store using counterfeit money. That was wrong. He was reported. Next thing we know-he’s murdered. What happened between him doing something wrong and being murdered? Was it murder? Oh absolutely it was. Was it wrong? Yes, it was. Was this truly a racial issue, personal or coincidental? I don’t know. Was he a good person? I don’t know.
Can you compare these two incidents? Absolutely not!
What I can say is this. We have a right to protest. But to protest peacefully. This violence, looting, stealing, the fires-this is not showing that black lives matter, this is not obtaining justice for Floyd. This is showing the absolute opposite. What’s the opposite-I think that’s obvious. How is stealing a huge flat screen TV justice for Floyd?
My friends and I have been slaving away as adult COVID ICU nurses since this pandemic started. We are exhausted, mentally and physically. We leave work heartbroken everyday. And just when things start to open up and I have a sliver of hope to see my loved one, all this violence begins and it taken from me. If you’re the same person who claimed that it was selfish to not wear a mask and yet are destroying the country-city-town-neighborhoods we call home or think violence is okay-you are part of the problem. Black lives matter yes, but let me tell you as a first generation immigrant woman being raised in the United States (yea, I was not born in America and I have brown skin)- all lives matter not just black. When I work as a PICU nurse, Peds ER nurse or adult COVID ICU nurse- I have sweat, cried and give my all to every single LIFE and today i mourn in disappointment and I am embarrassed for us, I am heartbroken.
This country needs Jesus & to get on their knees and pray.

~ From your broken critical care nurse ~

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