The Rhythm of rainy days and fine things

The Rhythm of rainy days and fine things

Can I just start off by saying we need to go back to 2018 when the year started off great, the summer was magical and I was modeling furniture for my sister.

Something about this picture you didn’t know… That was my first raincoat (so lame considering my age, I know) but I have never been a proud owner of an umbrella either. I just never owned them. It wasn’t from a fancy store, just my local Kohl’s. Yet for some reason it was my favorite. I don’t own very many things, especially when it comes clothing. Why does any of that matter?

See, that night in 2019 I didn’t forget my raincoat. I won’t forget that evening. I left it behind on purpose, that it would be a symbol of hope covering you in the storms of your life just has it covered my hair on rainy days. I saw you needed it more than I did. Sometimes we leave a little piece of ourselves not because we expect something or to be loved in return. We leave pieces of ourselves because someone needs it more. And when we do that, we leave a piece of our heart behind. We hope that it will be cared for and cherished; sometimes we never go back to being our full selves. How can we? Life is not about what we can take but about what we can give.

Whether it’s sitting in the corner of your garage or somewhere in your basement, maybe wrapped in a Wal-Mart bag sitting in the trunk of your car, I don’t know maybe you use it on rainy days, I hope it’s a reminder to you – from one cup to an empty cup.

Love, Shar ♥️

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