Soon enough, I won’t have to keep running

Soon enough, I won’t have to keep running

I was supposed to be in Hawaii. Surfing, laying on the beach soaking in the sun, hiking, exploring volcanoes, trying all kinds of foods and snorkeling. In a few weeks I was supposed to make my way to Canada, to spend some time reflecting in the mountains and relaxing in lagoons. And finally head over to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

I know everyone’s travels plans have been interrupted. What plans of yours have been interrupted? The reality is that it won’t go back to normal anytime soon. Hawaii, Canada, and Ireland will still be there in a few months or even next year. Here’s the thing. We’re always making plans. And plans aren’t always bad. Yet sometimes plans get delayed. It’s normal to feel disappointed. I feel disappointed right now. I was looking forward to more adventures and exploring.

Maybe there was something good you were looking forward to also. But there are circumstances that are beyond your control and you feel stuck. It sucks to feel stuck. It’s not wrong to have desires or look forward to something. God is always teaching me ways to wait well through many seasons of disappointment. It’s just a little bump in the road. Soon enough, you and I will get the desires of our hearts. Soon enough I won’t have to keep running and you won’t be stuck. Soon enough Cessna, soon enough.

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