What a lucky year it’s been

Today is my birthday. Last year, March 19, was a warm beautiful, sunny day. Which was really significant because we had a polar vortex winter and I can’t begin to explain how brutally cold it was. Cessna said it was going to be a lucky year and 33, was quite the year!

Travel. I traveled a lot. We all travel for many different reasons, but the common denominator – money spent on experiences, is money well spent. You’ve heard me say it, I’m chasing the sunset for Cessna. I visited Wisconsin, Michigan, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Madrid, Barcelona, London, New York, New Jersey, Hyderabad, Warangal, Paris, and even saw that Dubai sunset. Thank you to everyone who was so understanding and happy for me when I traveled. I felt that support. I’ve seen so many beautiful sunsets for you, I can hardly describe them. I tried to capture its beauty and yet, it seemed nearly impossible. The experiences and people I have met along the way can not be forgotten.

Blogging. I didn’t blog much last year. For good and fair reasons, I decided it would be appropriate for me to take a break. Even in the midst of that, thank you to all my followers who kept up with my blog and to the new followers for your support! I love reading your comments and emails!

Forgiveness. I learned a great deal about forgiveness this past year. There are many ways to deal with people who wrong you, intentionally hurt you, gossip about you, treat you poorly, use you, show bitterness and jealousy towards you. First, you can’t escape people that will wrong you. There is nothing to be jealous about. Most importantly, remaining in anger does not bring you peace. Praying that I would genuinely forgive those that hurt me was the most powerful thing I did this year. Instead of remaining angry and hurt, I find myself praying and supporting those very people.

Love. I’m not with the person I love. And for today it’s enough knowing he loves me. Love doesn’t hold us back. It empowers us. It pushes us to be the best versions of ourselves. Love never fails. It’s always hoping and trusting. Love gives you wings, and a love that doesn’t-isn’t love. Love gives you freedom to fly. And I have flown to the highest mountains. It fills my empty cup and makes me want to be a better person. I’ve seen that love is everything.

Even in the midst of hardship, it was a lucky year. It was a year of much activity. If it is possible I became more courageous, filled with more faith. Ending now in social isolation and mass hysteria throughout the world! In a time of so much chaos, nothing seems more luxurious than remaining still. Today I will celebrate alone. And I will make the most of it. I’m not sure how 34 is going to be. Hope that it will be another year I grow, grow more into the woman God destined for me. I hope to see my love soon. I am so thankful for all of you and always remembering you in my prayers 🙏🏼

2 responses to “What a lucky year it’s been”

  1. Happy birthday, may you celebrate each day with excitement and find joy in every second. 🎊🎂🙏❤️😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Mel!! I will celebrate each day that has been given to me 🥳🥰


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