Meeting a New York Times best seller

Meeting a New York Times best seller

This past weekend I met one of my all time favorite authors and speaker.

As I stood in line for a book signing, I was contemplating what I would say to her. “Hi.” “Good afternoon mam.” “What a beautiful day.” All those sounded so lame. And she’s from Texas, where 50 degrees was probably cold for her while everyone in Chicago was dressed in what is practically summer attire. I mostly didn’t want to say anything stupid, like I seem to always do. That socially awkwardness hasn’t seemed to die down yet. But there I was, running out of time as the line was moving faster than I imagined it would.

A las, it was almost my turn. I was standing alone. But I made it there all thanks to my friend Carly. And when I say she knows everyone, she really knows everyone. I was very thankful to her. I almost didn’t go. I really didn’t want to go alone. I’m so accustomed to doing things on my own and this one time I actually wanted someone who would go with. The moment I found out Beth Moore would be in Chicago, I knew I couldn’t miss it. I’ve been reading her work since I was 22 and I always hoped that one day I would have the privilege to meet her. I almost missed my opportunity.

Life is too short to wait on others to do the things we want.

As I approached Beth, she asked me my name. And before I could even start with my rehearsed conversation starters, I was astounded by what came next. She asked me if I standing alone. Oh my god, how lame! New York Times best seller just called me out on being alone. Was this really happening. I felt my palms sweating. And in her gorgeous southern accent she said, “I noticed you from afar. You have been standing alone and I love that you came. I love that you are here. That is a beautiful thing and God is going to do a powerful thing in your life.” Thank you mam and I slipped away.

Life is too short to wait on others to do the things we want. And I thought that was going to be the life lesson this day. Yet the real lesson was much deeper. Sometimes we are going to stand alone. Stand alone in our faith, in our hope, our beliefs, our dreams, in the things we want to do and so forth. And it’s okay to stand alone. Beth noticed me when there were at least two thousand people there that day. Here’s the thing, God notices us, in our smallness, our weakness and from afar. God notices me. God notices you. He sees the weight of the burdens you carry. He sees the dark circles under my eyes. He sees the cloud above your head. He sees the guilt tearing us inside. He sees the world pulling us as we are just trying to stand. And he loves that we are still standing. And He loves you, He loves me, He loves us.

And to think, I almost missed this moment and this blessing.

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