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This Super Bowl, I’m cheering for the 49ers!

Lucy and I are cheering for the 49ers today. Why? Because everyone is cheering for the Chiefs. Although this is just football, the same principles we can apply to life. Everyone needs a cheerleader in their life…someone who wishes them well, you know someone who prays for them. Let us be listeners and doers of the Word, hearing what our brothers and sisters in Christ are battling. (And btw our brothers and sisters in Christ are all the people of this world). No matter what side we are on, no matter who we are cheering on, the message of God’s love should and will reach all people. The Gospel is for all people. Also, because I am the family rebel, I will cheer on the least, the ones that don’t have a cheerleader 💛😜

Who needs cheering on in your life today? Maybe it’s that single mom struggling, who seems like her world is falling apart as she juggles a thousand things. The man who is the “class clown”, always making everyone laugh but so lonely on the inside. Maybe it’s the popular well loved nurse, who’s busy taking care of everyone and never asked “how are you?” Take a moment to notice people and cheer them on with the Gospel of HOPE

Let’s see how well I cheer 😜


#football #superbowl2020 #49ers #chiefs #gospel #goodnews #cheerleader

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