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Filling my life with memories and moments rather than things

People tell me I take too many pictures. The truth? I do, not even going to act like I don’t. People tell me I post too many of these pictures on social media. Do I care? Absolutely not!! This is a beautiful world that my God created, and I will post God’s creation everywhere. He gave me friends and family, that I love more than anything. No, life’s not perfect. But I’m going post all that I love, as much as I want because it is a reminder of all the BLESSINGS in my life, my family, my friends, my travels, my adventures. So yea, I take a lot of pictures. I’m filling my life with memories and moments rather than things. I’m on a mission, I’m traveling this world chasing the sunset for Cessna.

The point is, people will always have something to say. What are you doing for you? For your healing? For your growth? For your joy? Don’t feel guilt for taking care of your physical and mental health, for doing things you enjoy, and for living your life. So love your life. Take pictures of everything. Make memories. Share moments.

My posts are my memories I’m sharing with Cessna. What about you?

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