The year of the Orchid

The year of the Orchid

Orchids represent love, beauty, and strength. Well on my birthday this past year, March 2019, my sister gifted me with an orchid.

I haven’t kept much of anything alive this past year. For example I kept pouring “weed and feed” all over my front and back yard and couldn’t understand why the grass was growing faster than I could mow it. So I stopped doing that. The mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted me decided I’ll just hire someone instead to mow my lawn and close my eyes as I drive into my garage everyday, this way what I don’t see – I don’t know. (P.S. don’t follow my direction on this because I didn’t see the weed, so my method worked great and I got fined for the weed.)

But this orchid.

When my sister gave it to me it was blooming with flowers and rich in color. In all honesty, with my 50 hour work weeks and seemingly always going out of town on my time off, I rarely paid attention to the plant. And I was gone a lot this year; I wanted to be anywhere but here. I’d water it occasionally, when I would remember. Not nearly as often as I should have.

This year was really hard. It drained me of so much and yet I tried to keep smiling. And sometimes even that was hard. But October came and it was somehow still resistant to death.

On Christmas morning the tree was bare and hadn’t even been fluffed out yet. There were no ornaments up. The house was empty. It didn’t feel like Christmas. My struggles, my loneliness, my losses, my tears, and my suffering did not disappear because it was December 25th. Your struggles, your loneliness, your losses, your tears, and your suffering did not disappear on December 25th. But somehow God heard you and me and everything changes because of Christmas. Christmas isn’t just the day baby Jesus was born. It is the day a Savior arrived after the Israelites had been waiting in silence for 400 years.

I have been praying for rivers in our desert. Your desert, my desert. The desert sucks! There were moments this year when my hope was fading, there were more tears than laughter. It felt like I was waiting in silence (Feels like 400 years too!). My friend told me she once prayed for a scrap of the Throne of God. Sometimes prayer is hard. I decided to ask for a scrap from the Throne of God, I wanted to feel a piece of heaven, the grace of our God. I wanted to know I was being heard.

I stood there, staring at it. My tree was bare and so I am. But next to it was a symbol of love, beauty, and strength, the very things I have been praying for you and for me. The orchid should have died a long time ago. But it was resistant to death. This was my little scrap from the Throne, just enough to fill my heart with hope, hope for the love of my heart and hope for you. Don’t lose hope. May this new year be an year of the Orchid.

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43:19).

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