Don’t forget to have integrity for yourself

Don’t forget to have integrity for yourself

Here’s something that’s hard to hear and somewhat difficult. Do the right thing, even when… no, especially when no one is looking.

Living with integrity means to honor oneself and live with honesty. It seems like a no brainer, but let me tell you friends, it is not easy.

Our words and actions must align with each other. At times we must acknowledge when we are wrong and be diligent to say sorry. We can all agree on that definition of integrity. But being honest with others starts with being honest with oneself. Are you telling yourself the truth? If you are not honest with yourself, how are you honoring yourself?

Not everything is black and white. They are quick to judge your integrity. Do not let people make you feel guilt for honoring yourself. Let me ask you this, are you doing what is right for you? Are you making choices because they are good for you? What is right for your physical well-being, your mental health? Are you doing what is right for you, because not everyone truly sees what you are facing. Or are you just compromising you?

Don’t forget to have integrity for yourself. You matter. Be honest with yourself. Tell yourself the truth. So what if no one understands you, I guarantee you there is one person that does. Doing the right thing when no one is looking, starts with you. Doing the right thing for yourself is so hard because you shouldn’t have to explain yourself. I know you are selfless, that’s why you care so much. Be true to your words and your actions, not just to others but to yourself.

Much love,

Shar ♥️

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