Can you do a back flip?

Do you know how much practice and effort it takes to do a back flip? If you have seen someone that do a back flip, chances are you noticed muscles on their body that you can’t even name. Back flips are sexy, they’re also a work of art, but for the purposes of this there is a lesson to be seen.

Most of us think that social media is the problem or a platform. I see my friends post a thousand pictures of their children and I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint ever freckle on their kids faces. Well so what? We look at social media and assume “oh this person must be so happy”. Could it be possible, the mom that lost a child is celebrating the ones she still has, the person traveling the world aimlessly is grieving the loss of her love, and the man who finds humor in all his life situations only strives to make others laugh because his soul is weeping. See, we don’t see the latter. We only see what people post, the outward image, the facade. We get caught up in assuming their lives are easy. It’s difficult to be vulnerable in a world that is constantly judging us. And I’m afraid we judge people’s situation without ever getting to know them fully. The problem isn’t that people post a thousand pictures or update their status every 2 hours, and it is not limited to social media. The problem is a heart issue. The problem is an envious heart.

Envy can eat us alive. It can destroy us. Aristotle stated that envy is “pain at the good fortune of others”. Do you find yourself bitter when someone is doing well or living in a way you wish you could? Jealousy unchecked evolves into envy. It’s ugly. It doesn’t wish others well and sees it as limiting us.

If you walk with people through their struggles, you’ll find you have nothing to be envious about. Take the time to sit down with a friend or acquaintance, don’t just listen to respond, listen to understand. We are all struggling. We are all going through our own battles. Let people heal the way they heal, and support them in their healthy habits rather them snaring at their lives. Have you ever tried to do a back flip? The effort of someone who is trying to heal is that of a person learning to do a back flip. Do you know how much practice and effort it takes to do a back flip or even a forward flip? It’s not easy, but they’re doing the best they can. Sit at their table, mourn with them in difficult times so you can rejoice together in their healing.

Much love, Shar ♥️

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