Nothing is far more valuable

Nothing is far more valuable

In a time and culture where sex seems to be everything, so I have realized how we don’t talk about it enough. Christians don’t talk about, Indians especially don’t talk about it. It seems like the one thing that isn’t discussed in small groups, in church’s, by parents, which leaves adolescents and young adults with so many questions in what seems like a sex glorified time.

Dating in a time where sex seems to be the center theme of a relationship, I have come realize that dating is not going to be easy. From the outside looking in, I am the “chronic dater”. As each relationship fails, I ask my friends.. “what is wrong with me? We question everything about ourselves, we become insecure, we look at ourselves as screw ups.

Sex is a normal conversation between people who love each other. Expectations, desires, needs. It’s not taboo. It’s a normal thing to want, to desire, to hope for, after all God created it. We shouldn’t be ashamed to want it or even talk about it. I can talk to Cessna about anything in this world without being judged. Cessna is different from other men. He knows my convictions to the core and would tell me, “your salvation is more important than one night and I won’t let you give that up”.

This post isn’t meant for you to have the same convictions as me. No. Girls, find yourself a guy who listens to you to understand what you’re saying, who respects your convictions and will honor them, and who sees you as special for not conforming to the pattern of this world. As I date, I always remember Cessna’s words because nothing is far more valuable than that and nothing is more valuable than the man who cares about my convictions even more.

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