So darling, be brave enough to keep going

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we expect it to. I think we all have this picture in the back of ours heads how we think ours days would look like or turn out. None of us expect suffering, none of us expect the trials, we especially don’t expect that our life would not go as planned. We didn’t expect that we would wait this long in what seems like silence. Sometimes our plans fail. It doesn’t matter what we do or how well we have done, sometimes things fall apart. Sometimes we fall.

But we learn. Be brave enough to get back up. We continue to have aspirations. Be brave enough to chase your dreams. We long in wait, filled with hope. Be brave enough to start over. And maybe life is not going as planned right now, but nothing is ever wasted as you continue in faith. So darling, be brave enough to keep going.

4 responses to “So darling, be brave enough to keep going”

  1. The only way to loose at life is by giving up. Inspirational share, thank you.🙏❤️

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    1. Absolutely Mr. Mel, thank you 😊


  2. Absolutely love this. Thank you.

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