Did you pay attention?

I can’t stress it enough how important it is to appreciate what you have while you have it. Life can change so quickly and we don’t even realize it. We get stuck in the routines and the daily grind that even the mundane is ever changing. And sometimes we miss those significant life changing moments. I wish I paid attention. How often have we said that?

Not all relationships last forever. They are ever changing, ever growing, sometimes fading, sometimes draining. And the inevitable fact is, at some point we are separated by death, physical death or emotional death. Nothing is forever on this side of heaven.

So while the good days last, pay attention. Focus on the mischievous smile of your toddler rather than the mess you have to clean for the thousandth time. Appreciate the arguments before all you get is silence. Learn to listen, and listen well when a loved one speaks because at some point they may not have any words left to say. Tell them you love them, your friends, your family, your parents, your kids, so that in the days of struggle they will remember they are loved. Hug them, so they may always recall the security and warmth of your embrace. Live with intention and help others seek their purpose. Let others know you appreciate the little things they do, nobody owes you anything so show gratitude and exercise gratefulness.

Appreciate what you have while you have it. Life can and will change so quickly. You’ll wake up tomorrow and realize, though everything appears like yesterday, everything is different. Yesterday is gone. Take a deep breath. You are one day older. Though one day doesn’t seem significant, eventually the days add up. Don’t get caught up in the routines and schedules. Did you pay attention? If you did, you’ll know the exact moment your life took a turn.

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