Coffee and Donuts

Coffee and Donuts

To you this may just be coffee and donuts, but to me it is everything. A family of a girl I took care of a while ago in the PICU, stopped by during Nurses’ Week to wish and let me know “this is the only thing we can do for you, we remember you all the time because you are the most important person to our family”. And that just melted my heart ♥️

I was nominated for the Daisy Award a few times. Being nominated felt great. I was doing something right. I made a difference. Sometimes we forget that every minute of every hour of our 12 hour shift is completely significant. Sometimes it’s chaos, sometimes you get yelled at, things thrown at you, and sometimes people don’t even show their appreciation. Did I be the best the nurse I could have been that day? And there are people who will make you feel like you do nothing right. (They know who they are!) but I never got a Daisy Award, which I thought would be one of the highest honors. Who doesn’t want one? As I have come a long way I questioned “why didn’t this nurse get that award, she is beyond fabulous?” I have worked with so many nurses throughout the years and I have seen some with amazing work ethic and who work with such passion. The problem is, there’s only one Award and thousands of nurses. And they keep going, being the best nurse they could be.

This is to all nurses. I see what you do. I see the sacrifices you make. I see how brave you try to be. And you still find a reason to laugh, a reason to come back, a reason to push further. I’m inspired by you and strengthened because of you. And I would give all of you Daisy Awards because our job isn’t easy, people judge us by our humor, people shame us for our schedules, you allowed yourself to get yelled at, yet through it all – someone’s life is changed because of you. No I didn’t get a Daisy Award, I got coffee and donuts. Years later, a family still remembers my name and I didn’t expect that at all.

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