Happy Nurses Week

May of 2009 I graduated from Nursing school and 10 years goes by fast. As a student I was filled with much hope and longed to make a difference in this world. Tonight, during Nurses Week, I had the honor of pinning my dear friend Vanessa and I cannot believe how time has flown by. Somehow, in these 10 years I met the people who became my best friends, I have found the one my heart belongs to, and my life has been ever blessed by all my coworkers/friends, patients and their families. Life is filled with moments, memories and choices, and that one choice lead me here, 10 years later. Tonight I was reminded of why I picked this journey and realized, this is part of my destiny. I don’t know if in these past 10 years I made a difference but being a PICU nurse made a difference in my life and continues to do so.

And Vanessa, you are going to be one badass critical care nurse, congratulations girl! I am so proud of you!

much love 💗

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