Living with gratitude

Living with gratitude

There are many things I am grateful for and many things I am appreciative of, but I realized I could be quite the complainer. Maybe I was always a complainer, but kept things to myself.

There is nothing wrong with voicing our opinions or saying things as they as. We should. I have been more vocal lately about things I want or things that frustrate me. I have held so many things inside for so long and when I finally let them out I have mixed emotions. Just the other day I was complaining to the Jiu-Jitsu Warrior about “life as a healthcare professional”. There’s a reason why our best friends are our best friends. I can tell him anything without worry or judgement and he doesn’t make me feel terrible. I was preaching to the choir because there is nobody who understands better than he does where I am coming from. But what I love most is he puts everything in perspective.

He was able to relate to my frustration. What he said next really resonated with me. As he worked on the coldest most brutal day of winter, he told me how grateful he was to even have a job and that it was warm inside. Somehow our conversations always lead to gratitude. Having a grateful heart doesn’t necessarily mean that we never have feelings of frustration or disappointment. How can we see our blessings if we never experience suffering or hardships? No matter how hard life is, there is always, always something to be grateful for. It’s hard to see that anything could be good when nothing seems to be in our favor. Yet he always has a way of shedding light into my circumstances. He makes me want to be a better person. He makes me want to strive higher. I miss my best friend, I miss his great and wild mind. And today I am grateful that he existed in my world.

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