What about me

What about me

Well, what about me? We would be lying to ourselves if we denied that we live in a “what about me” era. And even if our minds didn’t quite go to that, there’s always voices around you chirping “well, what about you” as if it is all about you. Don’t misunderstand, there are times when I have said “what about me” with full authority that it was and should be all about me. My time matters, my schedule matters, my feelings matter, my heart matters, my needs matter, and my desires matter.

And what about me in the times where I cleared my scheduled for you, or took the time to check on you, the times I lost sleep because you needed someone’s company, what about me during all those times. The times when I ask you “how are you” and you have no idea I am breaking inside, what about me then.

People mess up. They make mistakes. They hurt others, they hurt me. People can be selfish. Self absorbed. People can forget what you did, no, people do forget what you did for them. They replace you when they no longer need you or when something better comes along. People use you.

People can also be hurting. I have been tempted many times to think “what about me” during these times. I thought you were loyal and good, I thought this was an equal friendship. The most dangerous part is when someone chirps in my ear, “well what about you”. They don’t know the whole story, they only see my side. Thoughts race through my mind, anger stirs within. Yet in that moment I am reminded, “a friend loves at all times”. This means the good and fun times, the times when souls are breaking and feeling dead inside, and the times when you are there for them more than they are there for you. When I change my attitude, I reminded of this: when they do something wrong, remember all the things they did right.

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