Dogs don’t bark at parked cars

When our lives go from stagnant to movement, the waters are always tested. It’s in the place of flourishing you find the most opposition. Dogs don’t bark at parked cars. People say hurtful things, your family, your friends, your foes and all those in between. And not because you did anything wrong yet rather because of their own insecurities, fallbacks, and shortcomings. It’s easier for some to bring others down than build them up, especially when your life takes momentum. No one cares when you are quiet or stationary, yet the moment you step out in boldness and embrace your identity, you will be criticized and mocked. It’s easy to forget our identity when we are burdened with criticism. Dogs don’t bark at parked cars, they bark when cars accelerate. And when you are accelerating in life remember your worth and to whom you belong. Take heart and be strong.

Be bold and courageous. Let all that barks at you bark, you just keep accelerating.

I just have to throw this out there, I absolutely love dogs and these babies 💕

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