Passionate Love Affair

Passionate Love Affair

My first Valentines date was completely special. It wasn’t extravagant or fancy. We had drinks and appetizers. He ordered his Stella and I ordered my mojito and in case you want to know the real reason I drink Stellas, it’s in remembrance of him. I recall that evening to the exact detail. I remember the exact shoes I wore and the flowers he handed me.

I wasn’t in love with him. To be honest, I had nothing to offer him and yet, he still asked me out. At first I thought he made a mistake or didn’t realize what day it was. He knew. He also knew what giving me flowers meant, and he gave them to me anyway. Back then I was a young girl in my 20s and had no real grasp of the concept of love. To his dismay, I know he didn’t either, though he may think he did.

That night was simple, much like myself. He wasn’t a simple man back then, which is why I didn’t understand what I was doing on a date with him. But life is like that. Everyone we meet, comes with a purpose. I didn’t understand the purpose of him in my life in those days, we were completely different. Somehow God brings the most unforeseen people abruptly into our lives and they speak volumes to us. He doesn’t know this and maybe never will, but our conversation that evening changed my life forever. God has a reason for everyone he puts in our life. Sometimes it’s hard to see the purpose, because maybe our presence is meant for them in one season and their presence is meant for us in the next season. God does not make mistakes, that is why two people who are worlds apart can become best friends or fall in love, that is why he takes us to places we never thought we would be. Sometimes we have to go through so much pain, many heartbreaks, the wrong relationships, through sufferings and trials so that two people who are polar opposites can sit together on a night such as this and teach each other the very essence of love. Jesus has to cultivate a heart for love in me.

I look back to that day those many years ago, it feels like a lifetime almost. So much as happened since then. Sometimes the past is beautiful and at the same time painful. Sometimes we don’t understand why certain people walk into our lives or the circumstances we go through. I had to be completely devastated and broken before I could even acknowledge his existence. But I see the very thing that blossomed through the years because of it as I have learned that true unconditional love is pure sacrifice.

Happy Valentines Day! ♥️

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