The wall between us

The wall between us

Some days are tough. They are more than we bargained for and it takes every ounce of energy to get even the simplest task done. The truth is, depression hurts. And for every story, there is always two sides.

I cannot fathom the insurmountable pain that you feel. Sometimes talking about it helps, other times I know you don’t want to burden me with your sorrows. I promised myself I would be brave for you. I promised I would fight for you. I have learned that my soul is different than most and it can sense your pain. I look into your eyes and I know more than you tell me.

I know you try to be strong. I know you have lived with a mask on your face. I am honored you trust me enough to let me lift up your mask so I can see all that is beautiful underneath. You are so radiant. So wonderful. So darling. Beyond precious.

So I cover your face once again with the same mask you picked years ago. They don’t deserve to know your story, they wouldn’t recognize a diamond because they do not have eyes to see. Let them criticize you. Let them criticize me. They are not worthy to know the beauty underneath.

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