Did I break the Sabbath

Did I break the Sabbath

Growing up I probably made it to church every Sunday. But as soon as I turned 18 and started working a full time job and attending college full time, my perfect church attendance wasn’t so perfect. I questioned myself a lot during that time and convinced myself that as soon as I finished college and started working as a nurse I could go back to attending church every Sunday. But that too changed when I finished my degree. Then I became a nurse and for 10 years, I missed church about 2-3 times a month, not realizing at 18 that healthcare workers don’t get weekends or holidays off. After switching to night shift, I thought oh well perfect, I can make it to church after my 12 hour shift. Ha! I did go a few times, I mean I really tried. But if I’m honest, I’m pretty sure I fell asleep every time someone prayed and I’m pretty sure there’s at least one person out there judging me now. Oh well!

I hit a whole new level of exhaustion lately. My dad suggested I get a facial I look really tired.

Truth be told, I was very legalistic as a child and held myself to a certain standard that I told myself needed to follow in order to be a “good” Christian because I fully didn’t understand the commandment of “keeping the Sabbath holy”. And I can guess that most people don’t know either. My understanding then was in order to keep this commandment, I needed to rest on the sabbath and go to church. This is nearly impossible for me, if I’m not working then I doing something because I can’t not do anything, there is always something that needs my attention.

To those with legalistic eyes, I broke the Sabbath and continue to break it if that is truly what keeping that commandment means. Last night I read Matthew 12:1-14, Jesus himself didn’t rest on the Sabbath and when the Pharisees wanted to condemn him, he told them “the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath”.

Before I go any further, let me stress that there is no sermon or preacher that can replace you reading the Bible for yourself. You need to know for yourselves what the Bible states in order to know if what is being preached on Sunday morning has any accuracy at all.

I am almost certain that no billionaire is working on a Sunday to make a few extra dollars. Most people work on that specific day because they work in a service focused field or are supporting their family. Secondly, the idea of the Sabbath is living out Christ’s teaching each day of the week and not just on a particular day. Keeping the Sabbath is a inward focused heart issue and not so much our outward focus attendance record.

When you find yourself in moments of doubt or uncertainty, open your Bible. Keeping the Sabbath is about what is in your heart. The idea of church is to be in community with other believers and gain insight on biblical teachings, and not a requirement for salvation.

2 responses to “Did I break the Sabbath”

  1. Hi, may I put an even finer point on the definition of keeping the sabbath please?

    The matter of the sabbath is well-defined in Hebrews chapter 4.

    Resting in Jesus is the sabbath.

    To put an even finer point on that,
    To rest in Jesus, means that you are not working to produce right-standing with God.

    We rest…in His righteousness. His righteousness is our, (the Christian’s) righteousness.

    That’s resting from our works.

    And it’s an all the time thing, not a periodic sabbath as the old covenant shadow (pre cross) sabbath was. 🙂

    I am writing this to be a help to whoever comes along and reads this, and needs to have a religious yoke removed from their neck.

    Thank you for allowing me to share this comment about the sabbath.

    All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ!


  2. You have a precious faith and much wisdom. Your words are powerful, “Keeping the Sabbath is about what is in your heart”. How it must grieve to see man adhering to his own religion more that the One it should point to. Keep getting into the word, revelation comes when we keep our eyes open.

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