Someday you will

This past year has been a year of blessings, a year of new doors and new beginnings for some. While for others, it was yet another year of searing pain, a year left seemingly insignificant in the desert season. I know what the desert season feels like, the emptiness and loss, the waiting, the longing. I have learned that love is everything. And while there is breath in me, there is hope.

My hope for you this year is true contentment. For happiness is momentary glimpses of true joy. Yet, I pray that your joy would be complete, that your prays would be answered, that you will shed tears of joy. I pray for you by name and know your time is coming. My prayer is that God would turn your searing pain into overflowing joy.

2 responses to “Someday you will”

  1. Beautiful Sharon. Your prayer was completely unselfish, surely what your ask for another will be granted to you.šŸŒ¹šŸ’•

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    1. I sure hope so. I will be so content just knowing their suffering will end, their prayers answers, and joy restored to them

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