No Matter How High the Mountain, it cannot Block the sun

No Matter How High the Mountain, it cannot Block the sun

I don’t know what struggle or hardship you are facing today. Maybe from where you are standing, it seems as though this season is never ending. You have come to the end of your ropes and all hope is fading. Do you even see light at the end of the tunnel anymore? Why are the days so dark, and the nights so lonely. I know sleep is hard, because your mind is constantly racing. The heart is anxious, how much longer Lord, you shout out. You have asked in prayer for redemption for so long, that now your heart is so jaded. Is God even listening?

I don’t know what you are facing today, but this I know… no matter how high the mountain, it cannot block the sun. No matter how impossible your circumstances seem right now, it will not last forever. And I know that seems so hard to believe and this desert season seems like this is all there is, but I promise you- God knows where you are right now, and He has a plan to save you, he has called you by name and it’s in the desert season he is preparing you for what is next. The mountains may seem high, but the sun is always higher. Your mountain may seem high, but the one who redeems is highest.

Maybe, just maybe, he is preparing your heart to see what He sent your way.

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