Toxic places, toxic people

Toxic places, toxic people

One of the biggest convictions we have is the tug a war relationship between being kind and distancing ourselves from people/places. Not just any, the toxic ones. As a Christian, it is instilled in me to be loving toward everyone. And maybe you can relate to this from your background, moral, or religious views. If I am loving, I am to be kind.

But how must we react when surrounded by toxic people? Foremost, it’s recognizing what toxic looks like to you and who these toxic people or places are in our lives. Tragically, sometimes these people are those that are closest to us, our closest friends or family, the people we work with or place we work. If it is causing you unpeace, sleep disturbances, changes in mood or personality, chances are it is toxic. Sometimes it can be a situation or circumstance.

I cannot begin to tell you how hard it is remove toxic people from my life or let go of a toxic place. I am filled with so much guilt. “Be more understanding Shar”, I tell myself. There’s always a line though between how people are at their core and how circumstances of life made them this way. I don’t have a list of how you go about dealing with this, I think it takes wisdom to know what’s right for each situation. Ultimately, if it causes you unpeace, that’s a yellow light and it’s time you start thinking about what you should do. Removing yourself from that place or that situation doesn’t make us less Christian or less kind, it makes us human. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself, your own mental health, because truth be told no one else will.

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