The Ninja Nurse’s new coworkers

The Ninja Nurse’s new coworkers

I really want to take a minute to brag about my new coworkers: the PICU nurses, Pediatric nurses, and Patient Care Technicians.

This week exactly one year ago, I started my new job. Everything comes in God’s time. And what a great feeling because this new journey came at the most perfect time. I have met some wonderful people, who are amazing at what they do, know how to have a good time but also go out of their way to serve the people in the communities around us. I am so impressed with their hearts!

They are super smart! They are a plethora of knowledge craving to learn more. Wow, and just not “medical” stuff but everything- world events, places. They are great educators.

So many of them have been given the gift of bringing laughter to others no matter what kind of day we are having. Their laughter is just contagious.

Why is this here? One has the gift of knowing every song ever written and singing all night long. Her singing came with dancing too! I loved her singing to me!! She’s a free spirit.

Then we have the creatives ones! They decorate the units for these sick kids every season, every holiday, or just because. I personally know nothing about Harry Potter, but the Pediatric floor is an enchanting Harry Potter world.

Why does this even matter? Because we work with kids, where hope is the reason they are still going. Some of these kids will never walk out the same. No one wants to be in the hospital, no one wants cancer, no ones wants to know how many more days they have left to live. This group of people provide a magical world in any way they can.

So this is just a small taste of what it’s like on our locked units. You have to love what you do to work in a place like this. I feel like my passion has been renewed just watching how each person’s talent is used to bring joy to these sick children and each other.

Well what about outside these locked units? I say that I am impressed with their hearts because they have serving attitudes and minds. Nothing is done out of personal gain. They cook meals for families at the Ronald McDonald House. They pack meals at Feed my starving Children, they do walks to raise money. These are just a few. They are a group filled with compassion for the community they serve.I guess they are Ninja Nurses too!!

Here’s a few charities or organizations, check out these few links:

This past year, I have learned so much. Not necessarily medical stuff as I thought it would be the majority of what I gained. I learned about life, friendships, serving. I learned that God’s timing and plan looks different for each individual. I thought my life “had” to look a certain way at this stage in my life, and I’m coming to see, that’s not the case at all. The journey never looks the same twice, thats what makes everything and everyone unique. Their lives and hearts are so beautiful.

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