Hiatus from life

Hiatus from life

I took a 10 day hiatus from life, well as much as I could. Some things, like work, are unavoidable when you have a mortgage to pay and a house to take care of. There are times and seasons when you have to pull yourself away from everyone and everything. And for no particular reason, a hiatus at times involves a social media break. A break from Facebook, Instagram, emails, group chats, SnapChats, and I could go on. For me, this also included taking a break from writing. I wish my hiatus was up in the mountains or deep in the woods, all alone with a wolf I could call my pet, my watchful guardian. That shall only be in my fable.

There is a battle I speak little about. The eyes always tell the story of the past and that also of the present. If you can read mine, you’ve come to understand the story of my soul. My spirit animal is like that of a she wolf, I sense more than I say, feel more than I show. The hardest part of this hiatus was not writing. Who can understand my heart when words cannot even convey my desires, my dreams, my brokenness, my guilt? Who can understand the price I paid and all it cost? Who can understand how I loved and what I lost?

I took the ten days to be still and prayed over many things. Sometimes it’s hard to be still when there is so much noise in our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to find direction even though we are still. And sometimes, there’s a period of unpeace we must battle, even in our stillness. I will be brutally honest from here on out with my thoughts when I write; so many people need to hear the truth and find freedom, there are so many prisoners of life that need to know they are not alone, and if it does nothing for my readers then it will be my escape. I cannot change the things that were, only what is.

There is a battle I speak little about; yet, it is my eyes that have already told this story.


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