Did you thank your Doctor?

Did you thank your Doctor?

I will be the first to admit that not all doctors are good; in fact some are just a nightmare to deal with. You spend hours waiting to see them and when you finally do, they use all this medical jargon leaving you unsure of even what questions to ask. And without giving you a minute to catch your breath, “no questions? Okay well have a good day”. And you just sit there puzzled after a 5 minute interaction and a ridiculous bill.

But not all doctors are like that. Some are amazing. And sometimes we forget to thank them. They spent years, with barely a social life, going to medical school, followed by years of residency, fellowship, and specialize. They work 24 hour shifts with naps if the day even allows them to. They pace the halls thinking, ‘what else can I do’. And sometimes they sit and listen. They use knowledge and experience to diagnose, to treat. But they don’t have all the answers, this is just how medicine works. Some, pray silently for your loved ones and stay past their shifts to make sure your loved one is okay. They sacrifice fun, time with their family or friends, they’re late for parties, and always the first to leave social dinners. They never complain about the time that is lost but rejoice in the time they have. Sometimes they can only give you 2 hours because 2 hours is all they have in that chaotic lifestyle.

Because the doctors who I call friends are the most amazing, intelligent and sacrificial individuals, they deserve a thank you! You know who you are docs! Thank you for caring and treating each patient with compassion and dignity, for putting them first, for not settling for mediocre work, and for praying silently for healing. But most of all, thank for treating your Ninja PICU Nurse and her accomplices with respect, teaching her all your knowledge, and never treating her like she’s beneath you ♥️

In a world with many doctors, take a minute to recognize the great ones.

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