A day is coming

A day is coming

I close my eyes, and there you are. You’re gentle heart, you’re loving gestures. If you knew my past, you would comprehend my ways.

I close my eyes, and your arms then wrap around me. It is with you I feel the safest. There is no judgement. No fear. A feeling, I have never felt before.

I close my eyes, and hear your voice. The voice that tells me stories. It brings me laughter and soothes my heart. It is the voice I long to hear. The wonderful mind, the one I absolutely love.

I close my eyes, and I see your crooked smile. Behind it, a painful past. With lips a rose petal soft, how I long for that tender kiss.

But I lie in wait for our eyes meet. I see your story and you see mine. A day is coming, my beloved, when I no longer have to close my eyes.

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