What people don’t know about depression

Depression is often taboo in most cultures. It is neither talked about, addressed or properly diagnosed. People can go years without treatment and suffer alone. Yet, there’s one thing society doesn’t know about depression regardless of where you live or what culture you grow up in.

People with depression know how to live sacrificially, in fact they live sacrificially. Most of their decisions and day to day priorities revolve around thinking about and caring for others. Very rarely do they put their happiness first. Who are these people? Their faces are hidden among our social circles, our friendships, our love. They hide in the shadows and just live this way without a second thought. It makes my heart so full and I feel so blessed to know them. People with depression look beyond their own lives and into mine and I can honestly say, I do not deserve their goodness.

It is hard to live sacrificially; to constantly be putting others while struggling internally but, they do it and they do it with a smile on their face. Who are these people? These are the people I have grown to understand and love.

3 responses to “What people don’t know about depression”

  1. Those people who learn this are the people who have developed a sense of gratitude in their lives and have found the real way to be happy.


    1. Leesoyer, I don’t know the depths of all they feel in their hearts but I do know there is great love in it.


  2. This is so true!

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