My forever hero

My aunt is definitely my forever hero.  During the days I spent in the hospital as a kid, she was the one that sat with me there, telling me stories of the Bible.  These stories seemed so fictitious, but they filled me hope even that age.  I think I experienced different things at the age of 4 than most.  Even though I couldn’t see God, it was an amazing feeling to know someone loved me.  That was really important for me.  Back then my aunt wasn’t a Christian; she practiced Hinduism but she knew these stories very well and she would encourage me in my faith.

Time passed on, as it always does.  By the time I was 10 year old, my aunt had become a Christian.  I still remember the day she had told us she wanted to be a missionary in India.  “I’ll only be gone a few months out of the year”, she promised.  I used to spend almost every weekend with her, so this was a big change for me.  I didn’t understand why she had go.  But she went.  She went to villages in India, talking to people about Jesus.  Well thats what I thought she did.  But couple months turned into many months.  By the time I was 16, I finally understood.

My aunt sat with prostitutes, ate with with them, talked with them and lifted them up.  She took care of orphans, little boys and girls that were left on streets, sexually assaulted and had no food to eat.  She had an orphanage built in my grandmother’s name, cooked for them, and sent them to school.    When I visited these kids in 2002, I met the sweetest 4 year old girl in her orphanage.  It’s now 2018, and today, that little orphan girl is starting Med School!!!

It is amazing to think how God calls us to something.  Even before my aunt was a Christian, God called her to show me love and then He sent her on a great mission.  God can use even the most average or unbelieving person to make a difference in this world. She always sat with the broken, not something that even the greatest Christians can do.

And today she is a mother figure to all these orphans ♥️ I wish I could have her heart.

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  1. A most edifying story!

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