First dates with brown girls

He invited her to his condo in the city. “I’ll make you biryani for dinner”, he said. And with those words, she agreed. No girl in her right mind would ever say no to that.

She arrived, definitely few minutes fashionable late. It was their first date. She was starving; honestly she dreamt of biryani since the day he planned this night and finally the night arrived.

She was an American brown girl, he was an Indian Brown man. She wanted to eat, he wanted to talk. He leaned in to kiss her and she pulled away. Her heart already taken and her mind was already set. She basically fasted for 2 days knowing full well she would indulge in dinner this particular Friday night. When you give your heart away, there’s nothing left to give to another. He then whispered some words and leaned again a little closer. “Are we going to eat soon”, her eyes scanning the condo.

Maybe he got the hint, mostly likely he didn’t because Indian men never seem to give up. He excused himself to the bathroom. This was her chance. She was raised by Hyderabadi parents and knows exactly what a house smells like after spending hours making biryani. It didn’t have that aroma, for sure he ordered it. She grabbed her belongings and the dish of biryani and ran out into the night.

Indian men, you have been warned. Do not leave your biryani alone nor unattended with an American brown girl. But don’t worry, she definitely enjoyed it on her ride home!

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