Why did God love King David?

Why did God love King David?

At times it’s hard for me fully comprehend how God could love King David as much as He did.  David began as a nobody.  His story wasn’t so significant.  That is until David was brought into the spot light.  It’s in the spot light where David did marvelous things.  He won many battles and fought so valiantly.  But he also did things he wasn’t proud of.  David committed adultery with Bethsheba, he had one of his closest friends murdered, and he wasn’t there for his children.  So how could God love such a man?

Many men and women carry the same guilt that David did.  His writings are filled with his lament for the burden that was laid upon his heart.  Ultimately David faced the consequences of actions.  David and Bethsheba lost their first child, David lost his closest friend and best solider, David’s sons committed murders and fought each other.  Sometimes our mistakes catch up with us, they did for David.  They ate away at this heart.  But out of the ashes, grace is alive.

If there is one thing that we can learn from David’s mistakes, it is that David repented.  And just because he repented, didn’t mean he wasn’t going to make future mistakes.  He was human too.  God knew David wasn’t perfect, nor was he ever going to be.  David chose to run to God instead running away from God.  He chose to not dwell in his past. He chose to understand that he was human and nothing he could do would take away the love the Lord had for him.  There is beauty in grace.  And many of us today, face similar guilt but maybe for different reasons.  We have become trapped in our guilt. We let it eat us alive. I don’t know what guilt lies heavily on your heart.  Sometimes, my guilt runs deep.  At times, I feel like my heart is so ugly.  If I were completely transparent, how grotesque I would be.  But where sin runs deep, grace runs deeper still.  Then this I recall, nothing can separate me from the love of God.  And nothing, my brothers and sisters, can separate you from God’s love.  In a way, we are all DAVIDs.  Though I may fail a thousand times, I know I can run to the one whose love for me never dies. God’s plan was never for us to live in guilt. It was to learn and then live in freedom. He has the power to take our mistakes, our burdens, our guilt and bless still bless us through them.

God blessed David and Bethsheba with Solomon, who would become the wisest king and man.  David was the most successful king and warrior.  God also chose David as the divine lineage through which Jesus would come.  Why did God love David? Because David was man after His own heart.

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