Harvest of Joy

Harvest of Joy

I stumbled across these words about a year ago.  And I think someone may need these words today…

“Our tears can be seeds that will grow into a harvest of joy because God is able to bring good out of tragedy.  When burdened by sorrow, know that your times of grief will end and that you will again find joy.  We must be patient as we wait.  God’s great harvest of joy is coming.”

Patience in waiting for hard seasons to end is difficult.  Hang in there friend, I’m praying you and for your joy to be restored.  It’s hard to imagine that anything good can come from our sorrows.  But it’s in our sorrows where we learn important lessons.  God doesn’t want us to wallow in our pain alone, rather He wants us to trust Him to take care of us.  Sometimes that means putting one foot in front of the other and taking a leap of faith.  Our tears will never dry in vain.

With each new day comes a new sunrise, a new day to breathe in the new life we have been offered.


4 responses to “Harvest of Joy”

  1. Thank you Samridhi. I thought so too. Its so nice sometimes to go back and look at our facebook/IG memories. Reminds us of where were used to be and where we are today. Have a blessed day!


    • Its amazing Rita, how God sends us a word that speaks exactly to the situation we are in. Sometimes, God nudges us to gives these good words to others who need to hear them as well. Thats the beauty of his grace and love for us!


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