The Thief of Joy

The Thief of Joy

It’s true, comparing ourselves to others robs us of our joy. Today I learned just how much it does. Sometimes comparisons can be beneficial, if we use them to better ourselves and grow. Comparison can come in all forms and stems from various roots. One of these negative roots is jealousy.

Jealousy can eat us alive and speaks many false truths to us. False truths sounds like an oxymoron. It tells you that you’re not good enough and that you’re replaceable. The lie looks so much like the truth. How do you weed out the negative and focus in on the good? But somewhere deep inside, our jealousy has much to do with our insecurities. Of course I compare myself, that seems like a common human trait. I am ashamed to admit it but, I sometimes I struggle with jealousy. Not jealousy of material processions or money, not in my profession or career goals, and definitely not in being center of attention. We all tend to be jealous of something. I wish I didn’t; it robs me of my joy. It robs me of believing that I’m special, that I’m important, or that I matter. It then robs me of my peace.

Some days it’s nice to hear gratifying statements from our loved ones, that we matter, to remind us of us our worth, or they see how we make this world a better place. Sometimes it’s nice to be on the receiving end of kind words, kind gestures, and kind thoughts. We all need encouragement, I’m not exempt from that. But thank you Lesley for your Facebook post because it validated what I was feeling and grounded me to respond to what I needed to appropriately.

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