Like the Rose

Like the Rose

As days carry on, weeks become months and soon they turn into years. Time flashes by so quickly before us. Every morning I look in the mirror at my face while I put on my eyeliner and pull my hair back. Somehow, my face has changed and more white hairs appeared on my head.

We live as though there will be many tomorrows. We act like we will have many chances, many more opportunities. We let ourselves go, stop caring-stop trying. When did we become a people that just lives in the mundane? And I think for some of us, we claim “what else is there”. We have lost hope, lost faith, lost the drive to be what we were created to be. We let our passions die, we have forgotten how to love and be loved. We have forgotten how to live. We have entered into dry seasons.

But “the desert shall bloom like the rose” (Isaiah 35:1). And though we feel the dry seasons of life drag on, the glory of God will be revealed to us. Then, on that day, we will be rejoicing! Even when the Israelites disappointed God, He turned to them saying “they will be filled with joy and gladness” because His plan was to always rescue them. And His plan is to rescue us. So even in our dry desert seasons, we will bloom like the rose and the weary will find rest.

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