Even salt looks like sugar

It deeply saddens me sometimes when we care so much about someone, trust them, and wish the best for them and yet, their motives aren’t as pure as ours. Sometimes people appear genuine, they appear “cool” and like the person to be hanging with. You want your place in the “in crowd”.

But not everyone you will come across will wish you well. Maybe to your face they do. But behind your back, they plan devious things. Their ways are the like the snake. Sometimes they are hard to spot, because they are nothing but nice in person. But even salt looks like sugar, and vinegar like water, though it will never taste the same.

Sometimes we brush aside the people who genuinely care for us. We don’t give them importance or show them that we care in return. We hurt them. The snakes always appear to be the most fun, they appear to be the brightest, the smartest. We let our trust be deceived. We forget that salt will never taste like sugar. We forget that even Eve fell for the snake’s words.

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