Lucky are those with sisters

Lucky are those with sisters

In the third grade, however old I was then, I remember being bullied.  School felt so new to me again, after I had spent most of the second grade in the hospital and catching up with assignments at home.  And I hated being there.  Honestly, I’m not sure how they let me even go to third grade.  Anyway, she had brown skin just like me but she wore a head scarf and wasn’t much taller.  I endured weeks of it, until I told my sister that is.  She marched right up to that girl and told her off to her face.  Somehow, I was the one that ended up in detention that day.  Jokes on them because I would have been in detention anyway, since I never did my homework back then. I was a regular attendee to detention!

I learned something valuable that day, nothing that I was taught in school.  No matter what happens, your sister always has your back. Age doesn’t change that, nor life’s circumstances. I’m not sure I could have gone the course of this life without her cheering me on in everything I did, in everything I loved. Sometimes, we annoy each other and other times we fight. She knows the pain inside my heart, the longing for my love. She speaks to me so tenderly when all seems hopeless. She teaches me her ways. She never expects me to be defined by the color of my skin. She defends me when they speak against me. She prays for those I hold dear to my heart. Lucky are those that have sisters because a sisters love is not like any other.

My sister also did my homework at times back then, to save me from going to detention. Too bad on those rare occasions, I’d forget it home. Don’t mess with her world, she’s an android user! 😃

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