The complexity of puzzles

The complexity of puzzles

Some days life seems like a puzzle and I’m trying to put the pieces together. It seems as though I have been given all the pieces I need. But why does life seem so complicated? Sometimes I can’t seem to understand why my heart wants what it wants. There is some connection between reason and desire, and it appears so irrational. And though I don’t fully understand, it still makes perfect sense to me, one which I cannot seem to explain.

God gave us free will and freedom to think and feel. He puts these desires in our heart, maybe to accomplish certain steps we must take. And though others look at me and wonder why I chose (or walked away from) certain things, and I can’t explain why except to say, “I have no peace with this”. To others, our desires seem sometimes irrational.

People will judge us by the choices we make, mainly because they do not see what God sees and where He is taking us. We are stuck in a state of unhappiness because we let others dictate how our lives should look like or appear. If we could catch a glimpse of the blessings in store for us, how marvelous would that be. Even in the complexity of the puzzle, let us fight for what is laid on our hearts.

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