Friends for a season

Friendships are like seasons, some are brief and some last a while, and some last a life time. It’s hard to tell which is which. We want all the relationships we enter into to last a long time.

Some friends are just for a season. It hurts for a little while. And while you’re in it, it feels like a lifetime. But friends come and go. The truth is that we outgrow some friends. The older we get, the more likely we are to cultivate meaningful relationships.

These friends are those that stay, for years, through many seasons of your life. These friends saw you cry, laughed with you and at you, they watched you grow into the person you are today, they stood by you even when everyone around you dishonored your name. They became like family in your heart. Hold onto these real friends, because in a world filled with fake people, real genuine friends are hard to come by.


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