The Sky is Perfect Tonight

Look up

The sky is perfect in every way tonight.

I feel the breeze

It sweetly sweeps me off my feet

How gentle it is

As tender your touch

Look up at the stars

They are perfect in every way tonight

I hear the sound of your voice

Calming as the nights’ breeze

Coming oh so quietly

Disguised by that sweet kiss

10 responses to “The Sky is Perfect Tonight”

    1. You’re welcome! You have a lot of realism in your writing. You seem lonely. And it evokes a lot of feelings that come out into words.

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      1. A writer as to be vulnerable, to speak the truth despite the opinions of others.

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        1. That’s true. I respect you for that.

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  1. Again, I apologize. I feel like I’m bothering you.


  2. Well, to add to your post and yourself, you’re like a crescent moon… beautiful and unique in its own way but is seen by everyone… some love it and some don’t. But those who do adore it.

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    1. I apologize if that was offensive… or just cheesy..

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      1. Not offensive at all.

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